myAlpha Web redesign

A new e-banking experience

The challenge

The previous Alpha Bank’s web banking platform (online since 2015) was well-accepted by its customers. But the Bank’s digital services was continuously working on new features for its e-banking offering. These features shaped a new service, and one that the existing  interface could not accommodate.

At this point, Alpha Bank asked DDB and our team to redesign the platform. We responded and used business objectives, user data and user testing to deliver a new digital banking experience.

What we did

We worked with the business and development team, ideating, testing, iterating and validating our designs with users to design a fresh and scalable interface.

During this process, functionalities were prioritized with two objectives in mind: Making the banking experience seamless for customers and supporting the Bank to achieve its business goals for the channel.

Information Architecture
UI design
User Testing

The interface


One starting point

We merged Transfers and Payments into one section and all the functionality into one input text field. Users can choose to send money to a contact, pay a card or search the payments list. They can also set up and manage favorite transactions.

Your banking log file

The history section displays all transactions, by all products. It also serves as the history of any setting or modification to your profile and account settings per product, effectively also a log file.
New products

Online applications

One of the key services that the new e-banking introduced was the option to acquire online new products. The “New Products” section presents all online products such as Savings Accounts, PrePaid and Debit Cards and insurance products.

Easy account management

The settings section covered personal details, notifications across devices, methods of communications for marketing purposes and all the security settings.

Home to all your products

With all products visible in the Dashboard, finding the balance between information and call to action was critical. Collapsed views, hovers, expanded views, special states and product specific action menus helped simplify and declutter the information displayed.

UI design

User Testing

Validating with real users

To validate our designs and assumptions, we did extensive user testing  in collaboration with our partner, UX Prodigy.

Given the broad user base for a web banking platform, we ran 6 testing sessions, interviewing  30 people in total. And instead of going for a random sample, we recruited participants based on the diverse usage patterns we had already identified.

The session took place in a controlled environment, where participants felt comfortable. The client was also able to watch the sessions through a one-way mirror. We asked them to complete pre-selected tasks and discussed the experience with them.

The findings provided a clear feedback on areas for improvement but also reassured us that some of our most innovative ideas would be easily accepted by users.

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