Groupama Client and Agent Portals

Design for trust in the insurance sector

The Challenge

In a market where customer experience is almost entirely dependent on agents, insurance companies strive to foster direct relationships with their clients, based on transparency and trust. To achieve this, they need to expand the “owned” part of the customer experience with new products and services.

The new Groupama clients portal is exactly this: A direct service channel with online services built to improve the overall insurance experience of customers. It includes all the information customers need on their insurance contracts, such as contracts, payment dates and terms, plus online services such as claims and contract renewals.


Tools & Methodologies
UI & IxD

What we did

We did the UX /UI design for the web platform, with the objective to create a great digital experience in a new customer experience touchpoint.

UX Design

We started by wireframing the solution as we envisioned how a user-friendly environment for insurances should be like. We included contracts info, notifications for important events and dates, complete and transparent information on products and all the digital services Groupama’s infrastructure could support.

UI Design

Then we moved on to design a pleasant and clear interface. We built on the global brand manual and to create an experience that would help users navigate with confidence and ease through contracts, information an actions.

Responsive design

The platform was designed for a great mobile experience as well, with all functionalities adapted for use on a small screen.

Sustaining the system balance

Agents control much of the customer experience in insurance, both pre- and after sales. Clients rely on them to choose the right products and also turn to them for advice on how to use them, and companies rely on their agents’ network for sales.

And while an effective after-sales tool alleviates agents from some of their non-profitable work, a new online channel with obvious sales potential can put strain on their relationship with a company.

Soon after the launch of the Clients Portal, Groupama improved its services to agents with a redesigned Information Portal (“Σίγουρα Δίπλα σας”), with all information and tools neatly re-organized to support them in their daily tasks.

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