Green Panda UI design

A self-service recycling interface

The challenge

To create a friendly experience for a novel service

We were assigned to design the user interface of the Green Panda ATM.

The objective was to create a pleasant experience, but most importantly, to help users navigate with confidence through a completely novel experience.

Tools & Methodologies
User journeys & flows
Wireframes & wireflows
UI & IxD
User testing

What we did


Understand the environment

We looked into similar industries (ATMs, POS, Ticket Machines etc.) for best practices and inspiration and aimed for an experience fit for a diverse target user base. The user’s context was also a challenge, with the ATMs being in a noisy crowded supermarket with no privacy, where customers might also be in a hurry.
User journeys

Connect the "dots"

We held workshop sessions with the client to rapidly co-create the initial flows, not just to finetune the user journey, but also to identify unhappy paths and find creative ways to minimize unavoidable frictions.

Design first prototype

We prototyped the solution with wireframes. Our attention at this phase was on functionality, not form.
User testing

Validate the solution

We  held a user testing session for the entire experience (user interface and interacting with the ATM) and evaluate our initial assumptions.
UI design

Design the interface

And then, based on the Green Panda brand identity, we created a UI design and animations, making sure it worked well with the limitations of the medium; a big touchscreen inside a funky panda enclosure.


How we addressed negative sentiments

Why should I recylce my phone?

We used data to explain why they should be proud of themselves for doing it.

What if I lose /break my phone?

We support the user journey with enough info and choices.

Do I get the best price for my phone?

We explain in detail how devices are evaluated to increase trust.

User Interface

The result

An interface that helps introduce a new approach for mobile devices recycling / reselling. A solution that works for users and, by doing so, helps the Panda make the world a bit greener.

Have you seen a Green Panda?
More than 80% of the parts in a phone can be reused, yet 150 million phones end up in landfills every year. Green Panda wants to solve this problem with a recycling ATM solution. The ATMs evaluate your old or broken device and can buy it on the spot, transferring the money directly to your bank account. The Green Panda ATM can be found inside branches of more than 15 supermarkets, or can visit you upon request. See more here:
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